Miles to go before we sleep…!


Miles to go before we sleep…!
There were lots of things happening in India and abroad the last few weeks. While it was the commonwealth games that ushered a new era in Indian sports, it was also the Nobel week. I have had no time to opine on many a thing that happened the last few days. But few thoughts, here I’m again…

India has done it..! True, we have successfully organized commonwealth games (CWG). Thanks to the volunteers, organizers and the participants who witnessed the spectacular event. It was a huge success. But at what cost? Whopping 16000 crores ..! One of my ex-neighbors skewed … “Damn it! my tax money is otiose with the corruption charges… shame India!” A politician lambasted: “I’m never going to watch the games, I’m out of country and will be back only after the games are over..” The media furor before the games that started was a bad sign for Indian games. But everything happened as it has to happen and it was a success story that India could finally make it. I have two points to discuss, one on the role of the participants and the media and the other completely contrasting side on the what India should do at the helm.
There’s an intuition that India cannot organize the games. Doubts were raised about how of organization when some photographs depicting filthy games village were shown by the media. Comments of a few athletes popped up showcasing their absence and their ‘inability” to attend games on the grounds that they might fall “sick” while some raised concerns about security. Everyone had their say… Millions spent on the games… The media over reacted. It seems they had no other news than to tinker-bell CWG Delhi. Some might argue that just because the media reacted, the games went on well with the organizers making up 100 % . I wouldn’t think so. Every organizer would work for pride, for their country and for their appraisal and so are the organizers of CWG Delhi. We need to accept the fact that the organizers did splendid job. Let someone complain that the games were bad and then there could be an inkling of thought. But the games haven’t then started, the complaints rolled, I would call it shrewd non sense. Media must learn to stop over reacting. I could give you another example on how of media-hyping : “Intelligence warns terrorists attack might be in Europe.” so what would one come out of this statement? What’s the take home message? By now the terrorists might have gone through this news and for sure might go for Plan B. Completely non sense! Isn’t the media and sometimes the Government undoing secrecy?
My another point is can we take up this story to eradicate poverty in India? Yes we could and let’s not make it lackadaisical. To me 16000 crore INR would for sure make India a developed country. Do you think how? I would say why not? It is in our hands to elect leaders who work for the country. Let’s discuss the development. Shall we?


One Response to “Miles to go before we sleep…!”

  1. 1 Vinay

    It’s a good example to show others that how we can do the corruption and after few days of chit chatting every one forgot that something is happened except few. We can have such examples in history also.

    News channels in these days are just entertaining things.. we should call them as entertaining/comedy channels. I really like to watch news on DD1 at 19.30 hrs in past days where you can get reallistic news and not the hyped one like we see now a days.

    There are many peoples in the society who are enjoying/outing on a election day instead of voting. They see voting as a stupid thing but they don’t recognise that by doing this they are encouraging to the slum area peoples for the BOGUS voting(They get paid to do the BOGUS vote).

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